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Ya'll only came to see and favored my pics not downloading okay so,don't download without my permisson of else :iconscreamplz:



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I favored that are amazing and great,at least i don't download pics okay

Exorcat Sprite for YingYangHeart by Zmaximum
(Sidenote:No room to put "sequel" on here so Pokken Tournament2 will do for now)

It's been 2 months from doing my last journal entry(due to continuous Q&A polls i couldn't get the chance of doing what i like to do)so yeah by the title on here is(well i've already made a Status post of it,but this time this one is completely different).so here some ideal of playable Pokemon&assist pokemon for a possible Pokken Tournament sequel(or just be like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with a few minor changes but hey it's alright).Reminder i'm only choosing 4 pokemon from only the Alola Region so Regional Variants do not count(sorry Alolan Marowak),ultra beasts do count,so here are the pokemon that i think would git as these styles:Standard,Speed,Power,and Techique.And the pokemon are going to be as Support,also reminder this is my opinion and if you got ideas on which character you want to see ask me that in the comments

so let's get started on the ones i think would fit for standard
Image result for silvally-Well obviously cause Mewtwo being in Pokken Tournament as a humanmade pokemon and also for Suicune being the only Quadraped pokemon in Pokken Tournament so why not give Silvally a chance in the rest,my choice of Silvally as the style of Standard well...all stats being at 95,as well as diverse movepool like Multi-Attack,Tri Attack,Hidden Power,Aerial Ace...or...something that fits Silvally's moveset,as well as for Burst Attack as an ideal Z-Move that i named [spoilers]"RKS Magnum Storm" which Silvally's somatic cells will glow into a rainbow like vibe and makes a barrage of all 18 types into one blast

-Not really a spoiler but Midday would fit as Assist pokemon,so why not choose Midnight since everyone seems to like Midnight over midday(jee i wonder why).but regardless this battle hungry werewolf is a perfect candidate for Pokken Tournament,and as for standard style well..givin that it's attack is it's highest while it's worst is sp.atk so...i don't know,and as for movesets like Brick Break,Frustration,Scary Face,Counter,Reversal,Bulk Up,Taunt,and possbily Rock Polish..i don't know that sounds a bit broken,and as for Burst..i'll let ya'll think of that.but thats all i got with Midnight

Image result for tsareena-She seems to fit more of the kicking variety cause of those legs.and of course Gardevoir was not enough and we need another waifumon XD(i'm just kidding,cause i like both of them as a pokemon not cringy waifus),anyway i don't see any other styles to fit Tsareena so Standard would fit this pokemon,as for moves would be Trop Kick,Rapid Spin,Magical Leaf,Grass Knot,Teeter Dance for Counter and possibly Hi Jump Kick,and as for Burst i think of this one being her making a feet made out of vines or possibly kicking her opponent to the ground...or maybe something more pompous like to suit her...sorry if that sounded stupid

Image result for Marshadow-Since the next pokemon movie is coming up why not make this as a special for Marshadow to be in Pokken Tournament,it's in standard cause don't scream power nor Speed..techique somewhat..but thats what i got for the little guy,as for moves it would be in a close of up-n-personal like Force Palm,Shadow Punch,Shadow Sneak,and possibly one of the elemental punches or Spectral Thief. as for long range with Shadow Ball,Focus Blast,Will O Wisp,and Echoed Voice,as for Burst well why not let it be it's Z-Move Soul Stealing 7 Star Strike cause Pikachu's Volt Tackle is it's Final Smash in Smash Bros so why not Marshadow's Signature Z-Move be a Burst Attack as well

thats...all i got for Standard,now for Speed

Image result for pheromosa-First Ultra Beast to be in Pokken Tournament and for the style:speed is of course the speedy glass cannon of Smogon's bane herself Pheromosa,no need to go on why she fits as speed..and her variety of moves would be similar to Tsareena of kicking based attacks since she relies on her feet as much as Buzzwole relies on his fists,as moves like Triple Kick,Lunge,Rapid Spin,Silver Wind,Bug Buzz,Me First,Poison Jab,and possibly Roost for for Burst Mode well similar to her fight is the power of her Beast Boost kick in which surrounds her in a red aura and burst attack will be a variety of kicks kinda like Blazikens Gatling Flame Kicks except of fire combines with her dashing.

Image result for lurantis-Ironically with Lurantis as the style:speed cause i've realized that her speed stat is 45 but when you fight the Totem Lurantis it's speed rosed up...i know it don't make sense so don't remind me cause how she looks she is closed to considered as speed fighter XC,anyway Lurantis movesets would be mostly with slash attacks like Leaf Blade,X-Scissor,Poison Jab, and even Solar Blade as for range being Leafage,Razor Leaf,Energy Ball,and possibly it's egg move weather ball,as for Burst mode it will be similar to Totem Lurantis in a orange aura and burst attack that i call "Sunsteel Sword Beam"(which is another spoiler of my idea of Lurantis' signature Z-Move)by turning her arms into a sword of solar energy and slashes at her foes with grace.

thats...i only got for speed sadly.but now for Power

Image result for incineroar-based on Incineroar's attack stat being 115 and the fact Wrestle Cat here screams power,screw popplio's haters Incineroar is the pokemon that deserves love...anyway as for movesets it would fit into Incineroar's species name the "Heel Pokemon" as part of it being a fi-i mean dark-type XD,with Darkest Lariat,Throat Chop,Nasty Plot,Heat Wave,Brutal Swing,Flamethrower,Low Sweep,Torment,Taunt,and possibly Roar to only get some stats up,as for Burst Attack well... just like it's Z-Move Malicious Moonsault but does a sweeper hit to snare his opponent in the burst attack

Image result for golisopod bulbapedia-Wanna see what destruction looks like?here it is in bug-type form-IT'S YA BOI GOLISOPOD XD,yes Golisopod this pokemon in Pokken Tournament as Power cause well..Attack power being 125 as being it's 2nd best stat(first best being defernse with 140) and since there is no abilities to no Emergency Exit and watch this bug wreck shop,and for moves will be First Impression,Swords Dance,Poison Jab,Razor Shell,Liquidation,Bulk Up,Venoshock,and even Aqua Jet.As for Burst Attack..well....i honestly got nothing but if anyone got a good one ask me that

Image result for kommo-o-If we have Garchomp and Lucario then i think another Pseudo Legendary would come in as well.and Kommo-O is no stranger to fighting especially for Pokken Tournament,and for moves being Sky Uppercut,Clanging Scales,Dragon Tail,Focus Punch,Iron Defense,Noble Roar,Dragon Dance,and even Focus for Burst Attack well as a fighting-type it would be alot of dynamic force but with more dragonic like vibe into it..but thats just me

Image result for buzzwole-If i got Pheromosa as Speed then why not include Buzzwole for Power,cause this bodybuilding nightmare fuel literally scream power with 139 Attack&Defese stat...this thing will make the Jojo cast look like a wimpod.anyway for movesets well..brawling like movest like Power Up Punch,Comet Punch,Vital Throw,Lunge,Giga Impact,Fell Stinger,Harden,Smack Down,Leech Life,Endure.and as for burst..well just like with Pheromosa he'll glow in a aura of red based on his ability Beast Boost,and he'll throw in alot of dynamic fury like Machamp except with a bit of haggar in Marvel vs Capcom

anyway now for Techniques..

Image result for salazzle bulbapedia-Having a 111 sp.attack stat and plus range fits this Salazzle perfectly in the Technique department,with a variety of movesets like Venoshock,Captivate,Dragon Rage,Dragon Pulse,Smog,Double Slap,Flame Thrower,Venom Drench,and even Sludge Wave as for Burst Attack she would be surrounded in a Orange Aura like in her totem fight and her burst attack,well be similar to the Poison-Type Z-move Acid Downpour but combine with more a fiery feel to fit her corrosive like into it.

Image result for decidueye bulbapedia-Technique..range...leave it for Robin Ho-i mean Decidueye XD,anyway yes Decidueye would fit for Techique cause of it's decent special attack and it's hidden ability Long Reach would make this pokemon a good archer based fighter for Pokken Tournament with a combo of Leafage,Spirit Shackle,Nasty Plot,Shadow Ball,Energy Ball,Confuse Ray with Ominous Wind,and possibly Steel Wing,as for Burst Attack..well it's Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid would be perfect but combine with a stronger arrow for the finisher

Image result for magearna-It would be possible for Magearna especially in the Technique style cause of her Sp.Attack being 130 and her Soul Heart Ability raises it up she would be somewhat of a playable character for Pokken,with moves like Flash Cannon,Energy Ball,Dazzling Gleam,Fleur Cannon,Gyro Ball,Mirror Shot,and even Lucky Chant,as for Burst Mode only her soul heart and her eyes will glow and for burst will be similar to her Fleur Cannon but with a double arm blast to it,similar to Suicune's True Sheer Cold but combine with Lucario's Aura Blast..if she don't fit as playable then Support would work cause Magearna was very close in the Style:Technique for Support Pokemon that i think would fit

Image result for toxapex bulbapedia-Would be in the attack style: Disrupt by using it's Signature attack Baneful Bunker it won't poison the pokemon sadly but would lower the opponent's stats

Image result for oranguru bulbapedia-Attack Style would fit as Enhance by using Instruct which will power up the Burst Meter after using it

Image result for oranguru bulbapedia-Attack Style would Attack with either the moves Fling or Chip Away for range

Image result for cosmoem-Attack Style would be enhance with the move Cosmic Power which would power up the user's stats

Image result for ribombee-Attack style would be Attack by using it's move Pollen Puff when it hits the foe it'll steal either the burst meter or the HP for the user

Image result for oricorio-All 4 of them with Disrupt as they're attack style by using Revelation Dance

Image result for bewear-as the Attack Style Disrupts by using the move Bind.

Image result for mimikyu bulbapedia-as the attack style Attack by using the move Shadow Claw or Play Rough

Image result for turtonator bulbapedia-as the attack style Disrupt by using the move Shell Trap which can function as long range

Image result for lunala-as the attack style Attack in a similar pattern of Yveltal's Oblivion Wing but instead it would be Lunala's Moongeist Beam

Image result for nihilego-First Ultra Beast in the Support Pokemon,attack style would be Disrupt and the move would be either Power Gem or Acid Spray

Image result for guzzlord bulbapedia-as for Attack Style it would be Enhance by using the move Stockpile which will give some buff for the user

Image result for dhelmise bulbapedia-attack style would be Attack by it''s signature attack Anchor Shot

Image result for pyukumuku-It's attack style would be Enhanced by the move Purify which will return the nerfs back to normal

Image result for lycanroc bulbapedia-Attack Style be Disrupt by using it's signature move Accelerock

Image result for popplio or Image result for brionne-Either or but the attack style of Attack by the move Bubble or Bubble Beam

so yeah...thats all i got for a possible sequel for Pokken Tournament for Switch,and again if you got any opinions of who would be playable or support ask me that in the comments
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I'm just a strange guy with alot of ideas that goes to the head,in real life i'm bit of a jerk,very antisocial thanks to the school,i'm also Autistic but it ain't severe like others who had suffer through it but i had problems with it by talkin in person cause i babble alot and my problem about being recognize in school for every second by either the teachers,administrators,or anyone in School.but anyway lets talk some other stuff i have been drawing ever since i was 5 and it's been a hobby of mine and i like to listen to music i can't tell you what kind cause i can't remember stuff.Even though i'm a jerk at real life on here i'm kind to everyone,so anyway i'm YYH but you can call me.....well you get the point

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So Sonic Force now has character customization

oh boy XD as Sonic Dream Collection was not enough for the fanbase to go nuts on,i can tell that this game is going to end up like Sonic Boom
I got a question and that involves with Pokken Tournament.would there be a sequel to it for the Switch and if so what changes you want to see.from roster,story,new outfits,new characters,etc and also which pokemon from the Alola Region will be in the fight or assistant,from either the Alola pokemon,Regional Variants of Kanto,Ultra Beasts you name it and what would be they're style as like ex if Lurantis was in Pokken her style would be Speed with variety of grass type or bug type attacks and for assistant i think Oranguru with Instruct and Passimian with Fling.also speakin of Pokken Tournament when will the release date of the DLC pokemon Darkrai,Scizor,Croagunk,and Empoleon will be cause i would love to see they're movesets,victory poses,lose pose,etc
Sometimes i even wonder what goes on inside my head
So....has anyone heard of the american version of Death note that is going to be on Netflix,if not then heres the link of the video 

and if those who've watched the anime of Death Note and seen the japanese live action(and yes there was a live action of it but it was kinda good) would know what this american version are my results of it…
So....has anyone watched the Lego Batman Movie.


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My own friend :iconpally-den: tell me about donate Points for Comission so i decided to do the same thing.

What i can draw
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what i don't draw

Traditional-5:points:(It can be anything)Cm-Fly with me my friend by YingYangHeart
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P.T.S-11:points:(Paint Tool SAI pic)Stuck in your Wonderland by YingYangHeart
Mature-22:points:(it can be Dark,Gore,Nudity,Pin-Ups,anything that is in mature content)

Mature Content

Contest-Dr.Psycho Mac by YingYangHeart

Crossovers-15:points:(Anime or Non-Anime in Digital or Traditional)Deadpool Crossover by YingYangHeart
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Art Trade-Free

So that'll i start with.

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