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Ya'll only came to see and favored my pics not downloading okay so,don't download without my permisson of else :iconscreamplz:

Drecian Pagebuddy by kassldy


I favored that are amazing and great,at least i don't download pics okay

Exorcat Sprite for YingYangHeart by Zmaximum
So yeah,i'll be talkin about the Classic Mario games where the Voice Acting was ALLLLLOT better than nowadays voice acting(Keyword: nowadays Princess Peach sounding like Wario torturing a cat),and here is one that i'll be talkin about is Super Mario 64(for the n64) about it's Pros and Cons.and before i say the pros and cons is that Super Mario 64 is my least favorite game(like around no.9) but i can give it some credit but got some flaws for it being consider a classic game from the 90s(well all games back in the day and nowadays do got flaws)

-(Like i said) better voice acting for Peach
-Pretty good Soundtrack(like music before you reach bowser)
-Explore around without the time limit
-Fun mini games(some of them)
-Decent graphic for the N64 days(Aka: Polygon)
-Don't have to get the star in order of the challenge

-Bad Camera angles(try the Dire Dire Docks stage when you try to get the 100 coins without using the metal hat)
-Awkward/Wonky Controls(combine with Camera Angles then it is full rage)
-Annoying A.I(mainly the fireballs,tiny Goombas,Lakitu,Fly Guys)(and get on slippery spots unfairly)
-Tryin to get 8 red coins in difficult spots
-Directions with the cannon
-Slippery spots(combine with cliffs in Cold Cold Mountain or Tiny/Huge Island)
-Have only 4 lives when you begin(which still continues in this day)
-Annoying 1UP shrooms avoiding you

so yeah,i was never good at Mario games but it is not hard for me to give it a try,and Super Mario 64 is still my least favorite but it is not as worst as Super Mario Galaxy by usin the Wiimote in solo.but hey i have opinions and my opinion that Super Mario 64 is a bad game but not like far terrible than again Super Mario Galaxy,but i least put some effort in the game.
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Artwork on my DeviantID is made by :iconpally-den:

I'm just a strange guy with alot of ideas that goes to the head,in real life i'm bit of a jerk,very antisocial thanks to the school,i'm also Autistic but it ain't severe like others who had suffer through it but i had problems with it by talkin in person cause i babble alot and my problem about being recognize in school for every second by either the teachers,administrators,or anyone in School.but anyway lets talk some other stuff i have been drawing ever since i was 5 and it's been a hobby of mine and i like to listen to music i can't tell you what kind cause i can't remember stuff.Even though i'm a jerk at real life on here i'm kind to everyone,so anyway i'm YYH but you can call me.....well you get the point

:bulletblack:The Dinaurians :iconanimatedastronaut::iconpally-den::icontemorali::iconpekinaso::iconindigoma::iconshadow-majora::iconbladethesnivy::iconkassldy::iconkrazcreator::iconrandominvader::iconfusionkirby::iconass-pen::iconsilver-of-the-stars::iconyingyangheart::iconstormdragonmatsuko::iconradicalsketcher::iconsunduvhar::iconn0teosaur::iconneonpenz::iconnordicangel5::iconkasekisentoki::iconmay-tsugumi::iconaxel0007::iconbryan1231::icondray-of-ice::iconjurassicman::iconthatleopardus::iconspookythedragon::iconalkemii::iconmewmew55::iconkenneds::iconcbgiraffe::iconbrookreed::iconaurostar::icontuffgirl66::icon20080585:

:bulletblue:My sisters :iconxxxdragonsheartxxx::iconteslamarcia::iconmojodojo2011:

:bulletgreen:My Favorite Artists :iconxous54::iconpally-den::iconpokekoks::iconraiphen::iconzerudez::iconxxxdragonsheartxxx::iconteslamarcia::iconhettybobcat::iconloaves::iconirving-zero::iconjgquintel::iconjesgrad07::icontonee89::iconmetros2soul::icontehgamesayshi::iconladyyatexel::iconsilentreaper::iconsmilefortyeight::iconelmira-san::iconel-dark-core::iconspellcheck-15::iconsanguisgelidus::iconpurplekecleon::iconwazzy88::iconmtc-studios::icongenzoman::iconscribblenetty:

:bulletwhite: My good friends :iconmojodojo2011::iconpally-den::icontemorali::iconzeldawerewolf::iconelmira-san::iconthe-e-guess-corner::iconstormdragonmatsuko::icongamerrobot::icondangerzonedragon::iconevanranger:

:bulletred: People i know in person:iconxxxdragonsheartxxx::iconteslamarcia::iconelmira-san::icon0xx-ira-xx0::iconzeldawerewolf::iconwolften19::iconn3ptune:

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YingYangHeart has started a donation pool!
139 / 800
My own friend :iconpally-den: tell me about donate Points for Comission so i decided to do the same thing.

Here that i draw
Regular Show
Invader Zim/JTHM
Random Art work Digi/Tradi
Dan Vs
Sonic the Hedgehog
Random Ocs(Others or Mine)

Traditional-5:points:(It can be anything)Cm-Fly with me my friend by YingYangHeart
Digital-10:points:(it can be anything)CM-Deidara by YingYangHeart
Random-3:points:(either Digital or Traditional)
dA Muro-14:points:(It can be anything)Cm-Roaming in Dawn by YingYangHeart
Avatar-9:points:(i can't do animation Avatar)CM-Marz Avatar by YingYangHeart
Surprise-12:points:(tell me which kind Trad.,Digi.,Muro.,or anything)Cm-Ain't Tellin ya by YingYangHeart
P.T.S-20:points:(Paint Tool SAI pic)Stuck in your Wonderland by YingYangHeart
Fanfic-7:points:(It can be Yaoi/Yuri,or just any)(for the fanboys and Fangirls) The Heart of KaishinThe Heart of Kaishin
I am one of the Kaishin Tribe,my tribe rank is Exiled,my parents in prison for havin me,my Kiranian father Tyrannos Kaishin and my Dinaurian Mother Roxette Kaishin,I never know much of them after that,and after i crashed into a strange planet cause of my exiled,i saw King of the DInaurians Dynal and the Evil Tyrant of Kiranians Zeriah battling in the planet i'm in called "Earth" or "our new home" because Planet Dinaur was devoured by Guhnash and Earth is our new home planet for us to Reproduce again,but the evil Kiranians are here to take over Earth for his Twisted arrogants and let the DInaurians Extinct like the Onyarians and the Protagians did,but after Dynal's victory,he saw me and said that i'm Roxette's Son and allowed me to join up with him,i was about to refused but i saw a girl that looked like me but cuter,and that girl is Shire Temorali,so i joined,later that afternoon Dynal told me to come here in privacy i thought he was goin to hurt me,but he to

Mature-22:poins:(it can be Dark,Gore,Nudity,Pin-Ups,anything that is in mature content)Contest-Dr.Psycho Mac by YingYangHeart
Crossovers-15:points:(Anime or Non-Anime in Digital or Traditional)Deadpool Crossover by YingYangHeart
Art Trade-Free

So that'll i start with.

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